Workshop Tensegrity

Universität für künstlerische und industrielle Gesaltung Linz

Datum // 2013
Art // Workshop mit Takaaki Bando
Betreuung // Takaaki Bando

Tensegrity Workshop
Tensegrity is the coined word from ‚tension‘ and ‚integrity‘ by Richard Buckminster Fuller. First model was invented by Kenneth Snelson, contemporary sculptor, and later, his teacher Fuller theorized its principle. Tensegrity is not just a spherical structure but the nature and the universe model. As nuclei and electrons not bonded, planet each other not bonded, bone each other not bonded, compression of the natural world is integrated by all attraction. We will make Tensegrity Structure Model with 30 struts of bamboo sticks after a short lecture of Synergetics.

Paper Dome Workshop
In this workshop, we will share the process of making a large space that exceeds the height of human by all means. with very weak papers as structural materials. Its principle came from Bucky’s words ‚Do more with Less‘ and we can be physically experience it. Structure of domes are generally designed by segmentation of surface of a triangle on the icosahedron. Fuller called it as Geodesic Dome. But this time, we prepared new structure system for the workshop which can provide wider space than usual Geodesic Dome. The dome is nearly hemisphere (Its diameter is 5m and the height is about 3m).